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I am officially halfway through the MBA program at SUNYA and I love it!!! I am learning about so many factors that go into how business is conducted, many decisions and solutions I witnessed in the past as an employee, but never fully understood until now. I can't exactly see where I will go after I graduate, but my favorite classes this year were in Operations Management and IT Implementation. I love thinking about how IT enables work, makes it so much more capable and expandable. I also like supply chain management and predictive / prescriptive analytics. There is so much open data that can be quietly collected and managed to give a business a real edge depending on their circumstances. There is also so much great new technology around the bend. It's all in the name of informed decisions and, of course, profit. Can't wait to be a part of it!!

My goal for this summer is to make another music video and restore my 1982 Honda Prelude.

Thanks for checking out my website and be sure to stop by the City Beer Hall on Howard Street to see me DJ on the patio every Wednesday night through August. I'll be playing great hits and rarities, some soupy dub, downtempo, & of course it's all vinyl. & Squabble airs on 90.9 FM WCDB Albany every Monday morning drive time all summer long. Windows down, sunroof back, top down, whatever, it's best heard and felt on a room-temperature early morning drive to work listening to exclusive tape rips from this dynamic collaborative exchange.

I will leave you with this view of the Hudson River at sunset. Have a great summer! -L



Squabble is slowly taking form... Everyone involved with the project is really excited about it. I'm just two songs in with my first contribution, SQU-006, due out in ten days.

A couple rips have come in ahead of schedule. They were too good to save for the release date so I put them up on the members site yesterday.

I'll present one choice Squabble tape weekly, on my Monday morning radio show heard on WCDB in Albany at 90.9 FM.

Looking forward to spring's thaw!


Animated GIF I made of ice on the Hudson breaking up



Right now I'm really excited for a mixtape exchange I am hosting in 2019 called Squabble!

Squabble will have participants mailing mixes to each other at regular 73-day intervals throughout the year. Tapes will have themes but I allow complete creative control to the Squabbler.

I will collect ripped mixes as MP3s and host them on my website. I will also play them some Monday mornings on WCDB, 90.9 FM in Albany.

This will be a celebration of tape culture and a nice way of getting people interested in some great music we have all been listening to lately.

It will also be a great way to finish the decade, say good-bye to some things, and say hello to some others.

Keene Valley in the Adirondack Mountains


Dear Diary....


Behind these doors are 40 lanes of classic bowling, tucked under the arm of Menands, NY's industrial district.




I'm going to complete a photo project this spring that will feature Olympic Lanes as its centerpiece.

I have to act fast, though, because the building is slated for demolition in April.

Stay tuned!! -LEON


It's been five years since primary shooting for The Wedding Present's "Mystery Date" video began.

To celebrate I'll post some exclusive never before seen shots from the weekend.

Here's lead singer David Gedge preparing for the opening shot, looking out over North River to Jersey City.

About two feet of snow fell on NYC the night of the Maxwell's show in Hoboken. I somehow made it there (and back) alive.

In this moment I wondered: Could this be the taxi I shot two days prior for the video? It has the same movie ad on it.

I wish I had thought to brush off the number and compare it to the reel. Forever a mystery.

Maxwell's 2/8/13

Most of the Maxwell's setlist

They also played at Diana's office

Setlist from Diana's office (Special thx)

And finally, the poster:

This video was so much fun to make, and a landmark moment in my career in photography.

Thanks for checking it out!




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