Whiskey Project Spring 2012 tour

Recently I was asked to tour with Whiskey Project, a NY/MA band with prospective dates in New York, Maryland, Kentucky, North Carolina and Texas. I drove, sold merch & documented the trip. On returning, I used video I'd shot to create a music video for their focus track "The Roses" off their new LP Angel's Share.


Whiskey Project is: Eli McNett (Bass/vox) Mike Drindak (Drums) Damian David (Guitar/vox)

NJ >>> NY (In actuality...... NJ <<< NY)

Hank's Saloon, Brooklyn NYC




Highland Taproom, Louisville KY

Kentucky Caddy

OK one more tangential car shot... of this minty 911

St. Patrick's Day showcase @ Katie O' Byrnes, Schenectady NY




Whiskey Project - "The Roses"